Sunstone #2 Stolen recently

IMG_4717This piece of sculpture was stolen from our property late Tuesday night, November18, 2014.  The welded steel sculpture was done approximately 40 years ago and was an award winner at that time.  But even more important to me is that its theme was centered around the untimely passing of both my father (1963) and mother (1968) who died at 63 and 58 years old respectively.
If anyone knows anything about the disappearance or whereabouts of Sunstone #2, I would really like to hear from them.  I can’t tell you how much it would mean to me to have it returned if possible.
The total dimensions of Sunstone #2 are approximately 34” tall x 36” wide x 30” deep.  It is made in two pieces and weighs approximately 175 lbs.  Any information can be forwarded to Douglass Gray at 41 Branch Point Road, Plymouth, MA 02360 or by phone at 508-746-5644.

2 thoughts on “Sunstone #2 Stolen recently

  1. It was a pleasure to meet you on the meet-up paddle,Douglass. Your sculptures are amazing…evocative, fluid and beautiful. It really surprised me that rusty metal could bring out such emotions in me! Keep enjoying the ride. (the red Eddyline Samba lady!)

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I enjoyed talking with you during the paddling tour. Certainly couldn’t have been a better evening for it. Very nice to meet you…

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