OBLIX – the missing sculpture

This photo was taken during a one man exhibition at the Silvermine Guild of Artists located in New Canaan CT in 1974.  The piece is entitled Oblix.  The dimensions of this piece were approximately 6′ square and stood about 2′ high. DG9b In 1978, several pieces, including Oblix, were exhibited at the Fuller Museum of Art in Brockton, Ma., which is now called the Fuller Craft Museum.  At the end of that exhibit, the sculpture entitled Oblix was left on extended loan at the Museum upon mutual agreement between the Museum and myself.  This arrangement remained in place for many years through occasional correspondence.  In 2006, I decided to bring Oblix back to my property and install it there with several other pieces from that time.  Unfortunately, at a date undetermined by the Museum, Oblix was missing from the Museum’s property.  I was never notified of the loss until I informed them that I wanted the piece back.  It is unknown how it disappeared since there were no records kept regarding its disappearance.  The Director of the Museum in 2006 was of no help in offering a solution to the problem even though the Museum had insurance to cover that kind of problem.  There has been no settlement nor communication from the Museum since 2006 in this matter.  If anyone has information regarding this piece of steel sculpture or knows of its whereabouts, please contact me at 508-789-2676.

One thought on “OBLIX – the missing sculpture

  1. It is unspeakable that the museum would have not contacted you and then even worse the museum have insurance would have not offered you restitution!

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