About Douglass Gray

Born in 1939 and continues to live in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  Attended Plymouth schools through 10th grade.  Attended Williston Academy graduating in 1958.  Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in both Art and Sociology from Stetson University in 1962.  Began Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Art at UCLA and completed that degree at the University of Massachusetts in 1965.  Set up a studio in Plymouth in 1965, to continue painting.  The paintings done at that time quickly evolved into a desire to bring 2 dimensional ideas into a 3 dimensional sculptural format.  That desire continues today after a nearly 35 year absence from creating until starting again in 2012.

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “About Douglass Gray

  1. Are you, by any chance, the son of Glen Gray…of Glen Gray Casa Loma Orchestra? My father played guitar in the band. Jack Blanchette. I am curious. I Went to Northeastern in Boston several years ago to look through the GGCL Archives. They told me his son lives in Plymouth. I never wanted to bother you. But, I do have a question. If you are his son…can I ask my question? If not…well…thank you for your time. Pat (Blanchette)
    PS. Your artwork is fabulous!

    1. Glen Gray was indeed my father. After my father and mother passed and with the advice of several people who had been involved with the Casa Loma Orchestra I thought it would be best to have all the items he had saved be given to Northeastern University. They have a very well known music department and were delighted to add to their music archives. If you are ever in Plymouth, please get in touch with me and stop in. It would be interesting to hear about your father. I can be reached at dgray@billingtonseakayak.com.
      Thank you… Doug

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